Monday, August 15, 2022

Do you want to update the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouadmods WhatsApp latest version

Fouad Whatsapp offline status

When you open Fouadmods WhatsApp latest version, it automatically shows your online flag status so that friends you are in contact with can recognize that you are open WhatsApp. So friends who are in contact can recognize that you are opening Fouad WhatsApp. For people who don't want their daily work to be seen, they decide to hide their online/offline status because sometimes they are too busy to reply to messages.

This WA mod provides the specification to hide your online status, so no one can see your status on wa. Therefore, you can reply to someone's message whenever you want.

Auto-reply messages

In busy situations, such as on the go or in an office meeting, you can't always pick up and turn on your phone. With this specification, you can set up auto-reply messages so your friends can know if you are unavailable. This profile is also ideal if you have a business service.

For example, during a break, you can create a pattern to reply to messages that say you are on a break. Therefore, buyers can wait until the break is over.

Have an offline style

For those who are busy and don't want to answer calls through this application, you can control this offline style specification. But the weakness of the following specification is that all messages are not accessible to your account. Therefore, after activation, the person who sent the message will show a notification.

Sending a message with or without saving the number

The default application requires you to save before sending a message. Of course, this can be difficult for us. another advantage of Fouad WhatsApp Pro v9.35 download is that you don't have to save contacts, so you can send messages directly to the numbers you want.

View deleted messages

Fouad WhatsApp is an application that is making progress, as you can experience from the updates or specifications that they apply to this application. For example, delete a message that has been sent. On average, one often makes mistakes in messaging.

Because of this specification, we can delete it before the recipient sees it. As a result, the person who received it also wants to know the content of the message. Using the adnaya specification in this wa mod, you can still see the deleted message. So, you won't want to know.