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What is the reason for Fouad WhatsApp not installing?2022 updated

 What is the reason for Fouad WhatsApp not installing?

Fouad WhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp. Whatsapp is a very classic instant messaging APK. It stands out from many communication APKs. It can be seen that it is excellent. Fouad WhatsApp is a mobile phone that can log in to two or more account applications.

Many people are distressed that a mobile phone can only log in to one WhatsApp account, which makes our lives a little inconvenient. If you need to use two WhatsApp accounts for work, you can only borrow a friend's account. But now, all you need to do is download Fouad WhatsApp and use two accounts on one phone.

But it should be noted that if your phone displays "app not installed", it is likely for the following reasons:

FouadWhatsApp's installation package has the same name as WhatsApp's installation package (com.WhatsApp). If you want to install Fouadwhatsapp, WhatsApp is already downloaded and installed on your phone, and then you need to uninstall it and install Fouadwhatsapp.

If you can't install Fouadwhatsapp after downloading it, another possibility is Play Protect. It scans every time you want to install it and is a built-in security scan feature of the Google Play Store. Since Fouadwhatsapp is modified on the basis of WhatsApp and is a modified version of WhatsApp, Play Protect will detect Fouadwhatsapp and prevent your phone from installing it. If this is the only reason, then what you can do is temporarily turn off Play Protect in the Play Store settings and then install Fouadwhatsapp so that you can install it smoothly. After the installation, remember to reset the Play Store in the Play Store settings. Protect is turned on to prevent other bad software from mixing into your phone and causing harm to your phone.

If it is not for the above reasons, it cannot be installed. Then there is another possibility that your mobile phone version is too low, and the minimum version requirement of Fouadwhatsapp has reached Android 5.0 and above. If your mobile phone version is lower than 5.0 and you cannot install the new version of Fouadwhatsapp, then you can only upgrade your mobile phone's operating system to an Android version above 5.0.

What differentiates from WhatsApp is the exclusive features of fouad whatsapp official website .

WhatsApp's theme is only green and dark, and many functions are also greatly limited. Although WhatsApp is a good instant messaging software, its immutability and its own limitations make us feel boring.

These modified versions of fouad whatsapp download were also born. Fouad WhatsApp stands out among these modifications because of its stability and its exclusive features. Fouad WhatsApp not only has its own theme store, but you can also customize themes, which makes using the app even more fun.

One of the reasons why fouad whatsapp apk download is popular is to hide the online status and double ticks, which allows people's privacy to be well protected, and at the same time, he can turn on aeroplane mode without affecting the status of the phone itself.

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GB WhatApp-Prevent GB WhatsApp from Automatically Saving Media to Your Phone


gb whatapp

GB WhatsApp Download Official 
Official Website:
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GB WhatsApp media refers to any type of message or file exchanged through the messaging platform, including photos, videos, voice messages, files, stickers, and GIFs. By default, media files sent to you on GB WhatApp (GB WhatsApp) are automatically saved to your phone's gallery or camera roll, taking up valuable storage space. However, you can adjust the settings to prevent media from being saved automatically.

For Android users

  • Simply open GB WhatApp (GB WhatsApp) and tap on the three-dot icon in the top right corner.
  • From there, select "Settings" and then "Chats."
  • Scroll down to find the "Media visibility" option and uncheck the button next to "Show media in gallery."

For iPhone users

  • Open GB WhatsApp and tap the "Settings" tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select "Chat" and turn off the "Save to Camera Roll" toggle switch.

If you want to stop saving media for a specific chat or group

Open the chat, click on the More option, and then View contact or group information. Alternatively, tap the contact's name or the group's subject. Tap Media Visibility and then select No.

While adjusting these settings may not be simple, it can greatly reduce the burden on your phone's storage. Give it a try!

Visit official website: for more info about GB WhatApp-Prevent GB WhatsApp from Automatically Saving Media to Your Phone

FM WhatsApp Apk-How to Ensure an Ad-Free Experience on FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Apk

FM WhatsApp Download Official
Official Website:
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In today's digital age, ads are ubiquitous in browsers and applications, leaving users wondering whether FM WhatsApp contains any ads. The official FM WhatsApp does not contain ads, but users may still encounter ads if they download it from unofficial sources. So why do some users end up with ads on their FM WhatsApp? Here are the reasons.

FM WhatsApp Apk

Since FM WhatsApp is not available for download directly from Google Play, users have to find a reliable website to download it. Some websites may add ads to the FM WhatsApp APK, leading to ads on the downloaded app.

To remove ads on FM WhatsApp, users should download the APK file from the official FM WhatsApp website at Once installed, the app will be ad-free. Follow these simple steps to remove FM WhatsApp ads:

  • Back up your data and uninstall the existing FM WhatsApp with ads
  • Open the official FM WhatsApp website via your mobile browser and download the FM WhatsApp APK file
  • By downloading the FM WhatsApp APK from the official website, users can be confident that the app is completely safe and ad-free. 
Visit official website: for more about FM WhatsApp Download-How to Ensure an Ad-Free Experience on FM WhatsApp

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Fouad Whatsapp Apk Download Official New Version

Fouad Whatsapp Apk Download Official New Version
Are you looking for Fouad Whatsapp Apk Download Official New Version, if you are looking for it and want to know his exclusive features, then read on. Below will explain some of the features of Fouad WhatsApp APK Official New Version, if you are interested, then you can try to download Fouad WhatsApp and use it.

2-in-1 functionality

The 2 in 1 feature is easy to understand because with this feature you can use 2 accounts in one smartphone. It is highly recommended, especially for users who have two accounts, to maximise this function.

By using only one phone, users can have two Fouad Whatsapp Apk accounts without having to install a new application. Highly recommended for users who have a commercial Fouad Whatsapp Apk and for personal use of the Fouad Whatsapp Apk.

2Call filtering

Often you will receive messages or calls from numbers that are not saved in your contacts and sometimes you are not happy with this, use this available feature and the messages, especially the calls, will be automatically filtered.

Those numbers you do not save are detected as foreign, so they cannot call indiscriminately. They need your permission to make calls. Certainly a very interesting feature.

High privacy

The next feature is one that prioritises user privacy. Users can see online or typed Fouad Whatsapp Apk contacts. What is even more interesting is that it allows the user to view the Fouad Whatsapp Apk stories of Fouad Whatsapp Apk contacts without their knowledge.

Of course, this is also interesting for you, especially the ability to create Fouad Whatsapp Apk stories that last longer than when using the original Fouad Whatsapp Apk. This application is highly recommended.

Download and install the Fouad Whatsapp Apk application

  • You must ensure that you have downloaded the Fouad Whatsapp Apk Official New Version application
  • Next, set the permissions. This is usually the main obstacle for the application to be installed to fail.
  • To set this up, open Settings on your smartphone and go to the Settings menu, then select Privacy and don't forget to check the Unknown Sources option.
  • If the unknown source permission is successfully enabled, perform the installation.
  • Go to Storage and look for the application contained in the Downloads folder. Waiting for the process
  • If the process is complete, you log in to your account using the mobile number you used to use the WhatsApp app.
  • The app is ready to use and you can already enjoy the features available above.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Do you want to update the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouadmods WhatsApp latest version

Fouad Whatsapp offline status

When you open Fouadmods WhatsApp latest version, it automatically shows your online flag status so that friends you are in contact with can recognize that you are open WhatsApp. So friends who are in contact can recognize that you are opening Fouad WhatsApp. For people who don't want their daily work to be seen, they decide to hide their online/offline status because sometimes they are too busy to reply to messages.

This WA mod provides the specification to hide your online status, so no one can see your status on wa. Therefore, you can reply to someone's message whenever you want.

Auto-reply messages

In busy situations, such as on the go or in an office meeting, you can't always pick up and turn on your phone. With this specification, you can set up auto-reply messages so your friends can know if you are unavailable. This profile is also ideal if you have a business service.

For example, during a break, you can create a pattern to reply to messages that say you are on a break. Therefore, buyers can wait until the break is over.

Have an offline style

For those who are busy and don't want to answer calls through this application, you can control this offline style specification. But the weakness of the following specification is that all messages are not accessible to your account. Therefore, after activation, the person who sent the message will show a notification.

Sending a message with or without saving the number

The default application requires you to save before sending a message. Of course, this can be difficult for us. another advantage of Fouad WhatsApp Pro v9.35 download is that you don't have to save contacts, so you can send messages directly to the numbers you want.

View deleted messages

Fouad WhatsApp is an application that is making progress, as you can experience from the updates or specifications that they apply to this application. For example, delete a message that has been sent. On average, one often makes mistakes in messaging.

Because of this specification, we can delete it before the recipient sees it. As a result, the person who received it also wants to know the content of the message. Using the adnaya specification in this wa mod, you can still see the deleted message. So, you won't want to know.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Offer its latest Fouad WhatsApp Apk Download

latest Fouad WhatsApp Apk

Now, people officially use Fouad Whatsapp APK instead of Whatsapp. WhatsApp Fouad allows you to enjoy WhatsApp outside of WhatsApp's official boundaries. Fouad WhatsApp brings you a completely flexible and relevant version of WhatsApp. Most people get one Fouad WhatsApp APk using two WhatsApps on the same device. FouadWA is the same as WhatsApp, but with many added features: themes, recent online cooling, charging conditions and reading the following. It's free to use and we offer its latest Fouad WhatsApp Apk.

Fouad WhatsApp Apk

Fouad WhatsApp APK?

In short, Fouad WhatsApp's official WhatsApp is a travesty. It allows us to set the most appropriate theme, letters, colors and flexible conditions, called Fouad.

Pros and Cons

Whatsapp is its popular messaging tool: it offers unique features that other messaging features lack. Fouad WhatsApp is an updated version, and it is one of many other translations. These include Yowhatsapp, Fmwhatsapp, WhatsApp and People. Fouad Whatsapp APk can be downloaded on any Android device or two Whatsapp accounts can be downloaded on the same device.

Fouad WhatsApp provides us with many incredible and desirable additions: They take a platform full of restrictions and turn it into the end: You can enjoy WhatsApp Fouad APk.

On the other hand, if you are using an updated version of WhatsApp, your account may be blocked, which is perhaps the most important and loneliest GBwhatsapp barrier.

But the solution is to improve Fouad WhatsApp itself in anti-injunction mode, which means we are providing the anti-injunction version of Fouad WhatsApp, so WhatsApp cannot tell if you are using Fouad WhatsApp APK.

Now it's safe and easy to use. Have you tried it? Where do you spend your time? If you want to attract and discover new features, now send them to Fouad WhatsApp.

Last words

I hope the Fouad WhatsApp APK you like offers the same security and larger personality plan, and hope to find and enjoy your device.

If you want some other features, you can check out the Food WhatsApp Pro. I hope they use a legitimate source to fire him. And there are many websites available.

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OPPO A59s Flash File ,Firmware, Rom Free Download page

Great news ,everyone! If your mobile device is OPPO A59s , then you should keeping reading the below content.

After we do research for a few months, we finally found out the most easier operation and reliable Firmware of the mobile device.

OPPO A59s Flash File ,Firmware, Rom Free Download page

Click here, and you can get into OPPO A59s Flash File ,Firmware, Rom Free Download page.

Get in the habit of periodically Flashing your mobile device’s firmware. You will make your mobile device has the latest in features, bug fixes, smooth user experience and security.

When to Update your mobile device Firmware?

This question may wonder some people for a while time, people did not know what is the right time or what situation to flash their mobile device. Now here are some reasons on when it is necessary to flash your mobile device’s firmware.

1.Lack of Memory and Slow Performance.

If you find your mobile always show that lack of memory, but you did not save or download too much thing on your mobile device. It means your mobile device have saved lots of Junk files on your mobile device. Your phone is consuming more RAM than the normal. 

2.Battery Issues

If your phone battery is fine but not lasting on normal usage which means there is something wrong with your current Firmware version. Flashing your mobile device via latest Firmware can get on average 10 – 20% of more battery life.

3.Cell phone virus invasion

If your OPPO A59s mobile have the problem mentioned above, you should start your OPPO A59s mobile device as soon as possible, and i believe that the download link which i show to you will help you a lot.

Now, this is end, I hope this blog will help you , and you can click the follow to us. We will share the information about firmware from time to time.